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Money ? Which House & planet makes you rich

Posted by: MiBhagya, October 09-2020

There is a proverb in Hindi “Anth tak sirf kaya or maya hi kam aati hai”  which means, the day you born till the end of your life two things are important “kaya” means “Health” and “Maya” means “Wealth”. Scarcity of either of these aspects, intensify your hardships to towards life .

Money defines your ability to live in comfort and a very important aspect.

Therefore it’s really important to understand from your ‘kundli” how strongly our planets are placed for Money or wealth. Let's take an overview of the house and planets which play a key role.

Kundli is divided into 12 houses and each house represents some aspect of our life.  For the money, 2 , 5 , 8 , 9 & 11 house represent money. Now, you must be curious to know how come so many houses represent one aspect.  If we analyze, money can come from many sources hence some-how these houses represents the sources. 2nd house represents the income generated by self – could be from a job or business , 5th house indicates the wealth earned through speculations and intelligence – Lottery, stock , trading . 8th house indicates inherited wealth, dowry from marriage 9th house represents luck, 11th house suggests large money gains, the quantum of money at once.

Jupiter and Venus are the main planets for determining wealth. Strong Jupiter in Kundli can never let a person deprived of wealth and brings financial stability. Strong Jupiter in Kundli Venus indicates the comfortable life of a person, luxuries the person will have. Some of the Dana yoga are .

  • When lord of ascendent and lord of 2nd house together , associate with 5th , 9th & 11th house. Or
  • When lord of the 2nd house associate with with 5th , 9th & 11th house. Or
  • When the lord of 5th house associates with 9th or 11th house.
  • When the lord of the 9th house associates with lord of 11th house .

The Dhanyoga are significant in-person Kundli hence its always advisable for a person to get your Kundli assessed with experienced “Jotyishacharya”. Detail analyses of each aspect to be done since wealth or money is an important aspect of life.


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