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Numerology: An Overview & How To Take Consultation.

Posted by: ISOLS Group, December 22-2020

Have you ever noticed the occurrence of a single number all your life? Do you notice one number making a regular appearance and wonder why? Numbers have a way with our lives and they hold vital importance in deciding our destiny.


Let's learn more about Numerology, its occurrence, working and calculation to gain a better understanding.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the art of numbers. It is the belief in the divine and mystical relationship between the occurrence of a number and the coinciding events. Numerology is also the study of the numerical value corresponding to the letters in coinciding words, a name, and even ideas. Numerology is considered to be associated with other divinatory arts like astrology and paranormal activities.

In simple terms, numerology is the study of numbers where a numerologist uncovers information about people. Considered as a universal language of numbers, numerology helps find out secretive and beneficial details about oneself and loved ones. Numerology, as mentioned before is associated with astrology. If you are familiar with the science behind astrology; numerology will be a piece of cake. Quite similar to Astrology, numerology uses a distinct approach to find information and insight using solely Numbers. Based on the idea of considering the universe as a system, numerology explains that once broken down, the system splits into elements that are called numbers. These numbers can further be used to assist us to completely understand the world and ourselves as individuals.

The History of Numerology

Despite being mentioned in a hundred sources, it's hard to trace the history of numerology and how it began. Where numerology was invented and how it came to practice is still a mystery. According to existing and found excerpts, numerology came into existence in Egypt and Babylon. The dates back to ancient philosophies that include the mention of numerology in the records. Apart from Egypt and Babylon, evidence of numerology can be found dating back to thousands of years ago in Rome, Greece, China, and Japan. The history that defines the use of numbers and the origin of numerology suggests the time of Pythagoras and other philosophers. According to the philosophers, mathematical concepts were not just ways to play with numbers but they were elements that held practical actuality. In AD 354-430, St. Augustine of Hippo said, "Numbers are the Universal language that is granted by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth." Numerology continued to be adopted during the reign of the Roman Empire. Numerology, however, did not find any favors with early Christianity.

Over the years, Numerology has gained a lot of popularity and is not restricted to religions. Most people prefer the science behind numerology and carry different methods for using it.

How does Numerology work?

The working of numerology looks quite complicated. How numerology works are difficult and require proper mastery, practice, and skills. The practice of Numerology requires professional numerologists to offer detailed, practical, and accurate readings. While, you can easily find your life path number and details related to your expressions, personality, etc., numerology cannot be solved using basic calculations without understanding. People willing to practice or learn to master the skill of numerology require to discover the way to make numbers work together and interpreted.

The primary idea behind numerology lies in the cosmos and how your life is affected by numbers. The working of numerology is based entirely on how life is affected by the birth dates, names since birth, and several other factors that surround you as an individual. Numerology in a way displays the depths of your life and the details that can show you a path for your future and help you mend ways to have a better life. Similarly, numerology can also offer astounding insights about anyone.

According to Numerology, it is a belief that there are no accidents or coincidences in the universe. Everything can be found out with the help of simple details from your life like your name, number, date of birth, etc.  Your name and birthday influence the journey that you will take in your life and can also define your characteristics. Similar to reading horoscopes or meeting an astrologist to decipher clues and destinies.

Where can you find Numerology Services Online in India?

Thousands of people look up to numerologists to know about their present and future. The study of numbers has impacted all people around the world to know about the happenings of their life using their birth date. Several Numerology Services Online in India are consulted by truckloads of people to analyse and predict the occurrence of auspicious events in their life. People also use numerology to find out details about inauspicious events, if any, and learn ways to tackle them. The Numerology Services Online in India answers queries related to Love, Career, Finance, Family, and much more.

Mibhagya has a panel of some of the country's top numerologists, just a click away for a consultation. The numerologists aim to carefully analyse the data provided by you. They then, perform the appropriate evaluation of your numerology number along with its effects on you.

  • Mibhagya has astrologers and numerologists who are continuously learning to enhance the scope of truth for most people
  • Mibhagya works towards telling your story
  • The mission of the panel of eminent astrologers and numerologists is to help people get rid of their fear, anxiety, and more
  • Mibhagya also offers people the ability to get in touch with all famous numerologists with the help of the Mibhagya mobile application
  • You can easily sign up as a user at the Mibhagya application and choose a Mi-Astrologer and consult them for numerology services online in India
  • Mibhagya has expertise in helping individuals with their love life and relationships, obstacles related to jobs and career, business-related decisions and investments, etc.

Get in touch with the Numerologist of your choice on Mibhagya to enjoy the benefits of numerology services online in India. The numerologists at Mibhagya will help you enjoy the mystic art and take back home a wide knowledge about your life concerning numbers.



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