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Universe communicate through Numbers !

Posted by: MiBhagya, October 09-2020

If we keenly observe our surroundings, looking towards the clock for time, car number plate, number on your ticket or pass, vegetable rate label ....all these are some examples where we interact with numbers daily. You have realized some time these numbers try to give you some sort of message. This might sound funny but if we go back and understand our universe in detail. From, the day we are born has a number and it has immense significance throughout our life. All that is around us are a miracle of numbers and if we deep dive into any of the logic that exists has a number logic. So number do communicate with you, it's up to you to analyze and understand and move forward. 

How do these numbers communicate? We sometimes observe patterns of numbers like 1111, when we see the clock, number plates, bill amount, etc. If such coincidence is happening often then there is some message which the universe is trying to give you. what are these numbers and what they communicating .... let's understand them. When the universe communicates there will be a repeated pattern of numbers and you will observe this over and over again, note that number. Numbers can be in the pattern of 111,222, 333, 555, 666, 1221, 1331, etc .can be many and each one has its message. we will discuss these pattern and what it signifies for an individual

Number 1111 – It’s a positive indication, observe what you are doing when you see this number, tells you to pay attention around you. You are on the right path, keep walking and you will see light through the dark tunnel. This also indicates spiritual inclination, can bring change in human life, the universe is suggesting you move in changing the lives of people.

Number 2222-  This is about paying attention to your relationship. Time to look around yourself and understand relationships with your spouse, friends, parents, etc. Start talking and rejuvenate the weak bond of your relations. 

Number 3333 – The number speaks about three important things of our live mind, body, and soul. The number is sending the message that all three above are not aligned and need to be balanced. This sometimes happens when you are working too hard and not paying attention to your health as well as loved ones and vice versa.

Number 4444 – The number 4 reminds you of your roots family, values. Here, you are told to go back to your past and recollect your lost values. come closure to your loved ones, start spending time with them. This some indicate to bring some positive change in your house, reduce the unwanted stuff, and increase space for energy to flow-in your house.

Number 5555 – This number indicates change. Life is going to change its direction could be in a new place, job, a new opportunity. Seize the opportunity whenever it comes, it's going to completely change your world for the better .the number 5 is very powerful and surely going to bring some positive change in your life. 

Number 6666 - This number suggesting you reduce the chaos which you have created in your life, slow down, realign, and come back. It also shows a sign of warning to bring stability and harmony in your life. It also suggests that you have enough energy to bring it back.

Number 7777 – Often we speak about number 7 as a lucky number. It signifies stability, wisdom, kindness. It indicates you are using your knowledge, intellect in doing something in your life. This indicates a lot of achievement, love, respect. It is good vibration numbers, also suggests a positive attitude and hard work. The relationship with your loved ones is going to be improved.   

Number 8888 -  Number 8 is to indicate your knowledge and mental strength. The number suggests universe energy associated with money, health. It indicates your problem related to money, health is going to be over and you are going to be rewarded. You will experience wealth in the either personal or professional end.

Number 9999 – The number 9 brings spiritual connection. The 9999 reminds you that you have come to guide your alignment towards a higher life, towards spirituality.

So whenever you see such frequently any number pattern, beleive there is some energy in the universe trying to communicate. These numbers have some relation with and the universe is guiding you for that. If you see any such numbers do speak to a numerologist in the Mibhagya panel. 



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