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What Color is your Aura ?

Posted by: MiBaghya, September 05-2020

If your aura colour is red, you are highly passionate and possess strength of mind and character. You are the intense symbol of romance and pride. You spread love and attract people wherever you go. Your excessive energy and vibrant nature recharges the batteries of those around you. You are bright and full of life. You are a breath of fresh air in a mundane and suffocating environment.

If your aura colour is blue, you are intuitive and have psychic abilities. You are cool and calm even under pressure. It isn’t easy to provoke or agitate you as you are controlled and know how to keep that temper in check. You are always more than happy to extend a helping hand. People seek solace in you. A rare gem, really!

If your aura colour is green, healing and guiding others comes naturally to you. You have a strong bonding with Mother Nature. You may often find yourself planting trees or spending time with animals. Be it doing something good for the society, you are always there. Be it helping someone who is in pain, you are always there. Also, a balanced individual, you set a good example.

If your aura colour is white, you are spiritual. You discover happiness and joy within the purity of your soul rather than in materialistic possessions like money and luxury. Others assume that you are special, and have some kind of connection with God. You have the power to remove negative energy, and turn a negative situation into a positive one. An angel in the form of a human!

If your aura colour is orange, you are friendly, jovial and a social butterfly. You like interacting with people. Mixing with others helps boost those endorphins and makes you feel good. You are bold and courageous, and do not hesitate in standing up for the truth. You are competent, and more often than not, successful in whatever you do. You love your life!

If your aura colour is yellow, you have something in you that most individuals crave for – intelligence. Your intelligence often helps you come out of confusing and unfavourable situations. You inspire others to give it their best shot and not worry about the results. Childhood is the golden phase of one’s life, and your playful nature reflects your ‘inner child.’ Exuberant, easy-going and happy-go-lucky, well, that’s you!


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